TRA wants tax education taught in primary schools

To make good taxpaying adults, children should be taught tax issues at a young age the TRA has suggested.

President Kikwete directs on EFD tax machine use

TRA has been involved in fights with traders who have objected from using the device on various claims.

Experts aghast at faithless leaders evading taxes

Economic pundits in the country have blamed tax evading leaders for serving as role models.

Multitude of taxes makes Africa expensive

WITHHOLDING taxes are giving rise to a vicious circle in Africa.

Tanzania Reconsiders Gas Windfall Tax Proposal

Tanzania may choose not to introduce a windfall tax on production.

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Tax Laws in Tanzania

Corporate Finance

Financial Accounting

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Taxation Questions with Answers

There are several illustrative examples accompanying the study materials presented in this site. The aim is to simplify the learning process. However, I understand that those illustrative examples are not enough to cater the thirst of comprehending the Tax Laws in Tanzania. That is the reason of having this page. In this page you will find important PDF documents which give more questions with their solutions. I can't hesitate to say that most of the questions are sourced from past CPA (T) exams, past UDBS exams, past ITA exams, past IFM exams, past ACCA exams, and past exams of other higher learning institutions and Professional Boards. Thanks for the availability of such resources.
Here I will be publishing two PDF documents each having 25 solved questions every month (one in every two weeks).
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